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Distracted Driving

Are there instances or locations where any activity that would cause an operator to be distracted to point of causing a safety problem, yes, and that needs to be addressed, but passing a draconian law to subjugate an entire nation to the whim of a few is not an acceptable option in a free society. The real problem is the pretext stops this will lead to and per se laws that do not have to an actual unsafe act to sustain a conviction.

Driving, computer interfaces and communications use motor skills and cognitive thought. Our brains have a remarkable ability to assimilate motor skills that allow us to perform a host of tasks almost automatically–driving a car, riding a bicycle, typing on a keyboard, talking and texting for many. Cognitive thought requires our attention; nonetheless, our motor skills continue to work autonomously in the background.

It’s not uncommon when we drive and talk to miss a turn off, but that doesn’t mean a crash was immanent. Our safety record shows that doing both is not irreconcilable with safe driving. Humans are also amazing because we adapt and invent solutions accordingly to the need, taking advantage of the technologies at hand. If we’re uncomfortable with something, we stop because we do not like to be outside of our comfort zone. Those that can multi task safely do, those that are not comfortable with multi tasking, don’t.

Is LaHood a Safety Czar, or our new Godfather?
August 18, 2009 By Chad dornsife The United States Department of Transportation has become a classic example of government gone wrong. Its charter is to assure a healthy and robust transportation infrastructure that is operating safely for the common good. What it has turned into is a crime syndicate operated by, and for, special interest that depend on the USDOT’s malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance and disregard for our Constitution and the rule of law. Which begs the question is the head of the USDOT a Safety Czar or a Godfather?

USDOT Distracted and Operating Under the Influence
August 8, 2009 By Chad dornsife The United States Department of Transportation has seriously compromised safety by allowing itself to be distracted while "operating under the influence" of special interest groups. This diversion from its safety charter is directly contributing to an incredible number of lives lost, injuries and financial mayhem for many millions more.

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